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Get Answers! Speak to a licensed private investigator now.
Call or Text Anytime: (518) 424-4700
"When You Need Answers"
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Win the child Custody battle with our expert assistance!

Are you concerned or worried about what is going on with your child or children when they are with their other parent? Is your child in danger? Is your court order not being followed?

We are highly skilled at detecting abuse, neglect, drug abuse, alcoholism, and unfit living conditions.

          We will help you protect your child!

Our licensed private investigators, using various methods of investigation developed from over our 21 years of conducting custody-related investigations, will gather hard evidence that is admissible in court to help support your claim for increased or sole custody of your children. 

We are devoted to protecting innocent children who cannot defend themselves.

We will be there by your side in any courtroom with evidence to professionally testify to our findings. A private investigator’s independent and neutral findings always have more credibility in court than a parent’s accusations.

We track down deadbeats.

We can locate and serve them so your support and/or custody order can be enforced.

We can also determine if, when, where and how often they are working to assist you along the way.

Are they working under the table and getting paid cash? We can and will get proof.

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