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Verified Google Reviews

Michael Donovan

I wish I had hired these guys in the first place. Extremely responsive, highly intelligent and got my case done quickly and efficiently. You get what you pay for. I won my case in court because of them! Thank You again for all of your hard work.

Kurt Mausert

East Coast Investigations has provided invaluable assistance on some of my most difficult cases over the years. The statements Patrick has secured and evidence he has found have helped exonerate a number of my clients. He is my first choice of private investigators. He is professional, through, and effective. He is my “go to guy”.

Debra Duncan

Patrick and his team were absolutely wonderful to work with. I’m so very grateful for what they accomplished for our family!

Ernest Bush

Very professional, great people… they Helped me tremendously, I would recomend them to anybody! If you need help figuring somthing out, these are the people to call without a doubt!!


Great job! Tenascious and persistent. Very professional and informative. Also understanding to the clients needs for information and tactful in obtaining. Cudos and Thanks.

Sal A.

This is a company that does its due diligence, that is observant, and sharp. I highly recommend East Coast Investigations.

Christian Vidal

I needed my packet notarized for my C.O. exam and they were here right away at my hotel to help me out. Huge life saver!!!!

Trish B

Called from another state at 8:00am. In 2 hours a team had eyes on the target. 24 hours and we had all of the facts needed for my case. No other firm could have pulled this off as quickly and professionally. I am forever grateful to Patrick for his support and expertise.

john B

Helped when no one else could! I owe Patrick my life. Thank you for your knowledge, professionalism and skillset. You are clearly a standout in the investigative community. Wish I had found you right from the start!

Jules D

Answers almost immediately. All my questions have been answered professionally and quickly.
fast, effective and brilliant

Google User

If you need a Private Investigation Firm, this is the ONE TO CHOOSE! This firm helped me TREMENDOUSLY and thanks to them, I was able to file charges against the person staking me and there is now an investigation open. The owner Patrick always gets back to me right away and is very sweet and accommodating 🙂 I can’t thank him enough because his tip totally saved me and led me to where I needed to be. Thank you so much and I look forward to working with you again soon on the next chapter 🙂

Rachel Iannuzzelli

I was really in a jam and needed a notary public the night before an interview, I called east coast investigations and spoke to Patrick who is the owner and he had one of his employees come to me at my hotel. I am just so thrilled with their customer service and the caring friendly staff.

Cheryl Rich

Patrick and his staff at East Coast were extremely helpful and supportive as I went through a rather unusual situation I was trying to deal with in New York while residing in Canada. I am grateful to Patrick for his Empathy and Understanding. I would highly recommend this organization.

katrina Barney

Wonderful customer service. Fast and speedy no matter the time of night as well!

sean halpin

Fantastic device called at 1030pm was here immediately amazing service very friendly

Tanya R

I cannot extend the gratitude that I feel with the immediate feedback that I received regarding my case. Your focus and ultimate professionalism is only exceeded by the thoroughness and adroitness that was demonstrated by masterfully completing this assignment. Ultimate professionalism seems to be too paultry of a phrase to use as far as this accomplishment is concerned. You were beyond thorough. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

Sarah Belini

Not only did the owner answer the phone at 11pm at night, he was able to instinctively come up with an excellent plan, then execute it the following day. There is nothing worse than a custody battle, but because of the hard work of this firm, I won my case. I am forever grateful.

Andrew Maloney

Didn’t realize I needed a notary for my CO application. Called East Coast at midnight, came right out and squared me away immediately!! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Michael fiore

What a great company. I needed help and didn’t have much money. I was treated with respect and I got the results I needed to win my custody battle. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of investigative services. They are fair, honest and really know what they are doing. I had hired another local company first and was highly disappointed. Patrick Anastasi and his staff truly shined through when I had no where to turn!

Tara Turino

Skyler Bezek


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