Criminal Defense

Have you or someone you love been arrested?

We specialize in criminal defense investigation!

We believe everyone deserves a fair and honest defense. We level the playing field between you and the prosecutor.

East Coast Investigations has diligently and aggressively defended against a vast array of criminal charges for our clients. Put our experience to work for you. We will work directly with you and/or your attorney.

We have successfully helped thousands of criminal defendants charged with a vast array of felony, misdemeanor and violation offenses.

We can help you with the following:

  • ​Locate and interview witnesses and obtain their sworn, factual statements
  • Obtain records from anywhere in the country
  • Corroborate your alibi with facts and witness statements
  • Analyze and photograph the crime scene and review all police and medical reports for errors.
  • Prepare diagrams and presentations for trial.
  • We have access to expert witnesses in just about any field.
  • Prove bad/corrupt police officers.
  • Show fabrication of evidence.
  • Investigate the arresting officer’s background to document insubordination, brutality, etc.


We have extensive experience in the following types of high level felony/misdemeanor cases:

Referrals to highly qualified, fairly priced criminal defense attorneys also available.

  • Murder

  • Rape

  • Gang Crimes

  • Internet Crimes

  • Sodomy


  • Domestic Violence

  • Burglary

  • Manslaughter

  • Illegal Drug Sale/Distribution/Use

  • Weapon Possession

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • Child Abuse

  • Assault

  • Hazing

  • Embezzlement

We are the top choice for defense investigations.

Contact us now and let us build an aggressive defense case to clear your name.